The Team Dashboard Roster Screen

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Team Roster Screen

The Athletics->Team Dashboard->Rosters screen displays all students who are currently on the team.    Being "on the team" means that there is a "participation" record for the team on the student's Student Data->Modify Student->Athletics->Exams and Participation screen.  

THe roster team allows coaches, assistants and administrators the ability to update three pieces of data:

On this screen, the "Date Joined", "Membership" and Jersey Number can be updated:

  • Date Joined The date joined is presumably the date the student 'made the team'.   This date is NOT pulled automatically from the participation record.  It must be specifically set.  As such, it can be used in any way you wish.
  • Membership - The Membership is the student's role on the team.  Membership categories (e.g. 'player', 'captain', 'manager', etc.) are created and managed on the Setup->Districts->Master District Parameters->Activities->Membership Types screen.  You can create your own tailored set of membership types.
  • Number - Jersey Number is the number assigned to the student.  It can be set and updated on this screen.

Making Changes to Student Information on the Team Roster Screen

  1. Bring up the Team Roster screen:  Athletics->Team Dashboard->Roster
  2. Make changes to any of the 3 fields for each student athlete.
  3. Click the "Save Roster" button at top:  this screen does not update automatically, you must click save.

Student Schedules

You can also view a student's schedule for "today" by clicking the icon in the "Today's Schedule" column:

For example:

The schedule dialog defaults to "today" but you can use the date navigation controls to select additional dates.

If you have a schedule cycle other than Monday to Friday, both the day of the week and the schedule cycle day are displayed for each date:

Who has Access to the Team's Roster Screen?

As with all of the Team Dashboard screens, any staff member set as a coach, assistant or an administrator for the team will be able to access the team on the Student Data->Modify Student->Athletics->Exams and Participation screen.    If you are not a coach, assistant or an administrator for the team, the team will NOT appear in the drop down on this screen.

System Administrators DO NOT have automatic access to teams:  all users must be linked to a staff member who is a coach, assistant or administrator to be able to access the team on these screens.

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