Creating and Configuring a User Flag

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Creating and Configuring a User Flag

Creating User Flags

Step 1:  Create the User Flag on the Setup Districts User Flags Screen



To add a new User Flag, scroll to the bottom of the Setup→Districts→Master District Parameters→User Flags screen and locate the "Add" fields:

  1. Enter a code  The Code has to be all in capital letters and not have any blanks or special characters.  The code is only used internally and will not appear to any end user.
  2. Enter a Description of the User Flag.  In effect, this is the name of the User Flag.
  3. Click the button to create the new User Flag.   The new flag will be added to the bottom of the list (it will not be inserted alphabetically.
  4. You can now configure the flag.


Configuring User Flags

Any individual User Flag can be configured by altering its options and clicking the "" floppy disk Save icon on the right side of its row.  Flags must be configured one at a time.


  • Can be turned on automatically when a specific document type exists - If this is checked, the User Flag is dedicated to Document Management and is used to link Documents to the students' Student Information Bar.
  • Searchable - Flag appears in drop downs to allow students to be searched by whether it is set.
  • Icon - Attach an icon to the User Flag, clear the icon from the Flag or select a different icon.
  • Gradebook - If this is checked the User Flag will appear in the Gradebook on the Gradebook spreadsheet screen (as long as the Gradebook is configured to allow this).
  • For students staff both - Specifies whether the User Flag can be set for students, for staff members or for both.
  • Archive - Hides flags from the student records and the parent module when they are not set.
  • Mass Change Roles - Restrict the ability to mass update this User Flag to  users with the single selected Role.  User Flags can be mass updated using the Student Data→Mass Change screen.
  • Allow Flag to Rollover - Flag settings rollover during Summer Rollover when this is set.  If it not set, the flag on each student is cleared on Rollover.
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