Student Screening Screen

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Screenings Screen

The student's Screenings screen, Student Data->Student->Medical->Screenings, allows you to capture student 'screening' information that can be printed on the NJ A45 form.

The screen has all information that is needed for capturing the NJ yearly medical screening information.

Details of a Screening

On the A45 itself, screenings are displayed in vertical columns.  Here, the "column" is a row containing the same set of elements.  

The BMI field cannot be directly filled in:  it is calculated and appears only after the height and weight are entered.

Several of the fields contain a drop down of 'flags' or indicators on how information in the field might have been dealt with.  The definition of these flags follows:




Normal - Measurement within normal range


Referred - Student referred for evaluation or treatment


Treated - Student has been treated


Comment - Comment made (see note)

Adding a New Screening

New screenings can be added in two places:  directly on an individual student's "Screenings" screen, or, en masse with other students, on the Nurses Module, Nurses->Student List->Health Screening screen.

To create a screening for an individual student, navigate to the student's Student Data->Student->Medical->Screenings screen and scroll to the very bottom to locate the "Add a Screening" control:

All you need to create a new screening is to select a date - the screen will always default to 'today' - and click the "Add" button.  

It is not necessary to fill in any other information.  You can, of course, fill in as much information as you have.

Updating an Existing Screening

To update an existing screen, navigate to the student's Student Data->Student->Medical->Screenings screen, and scroll until you locate the screening you wish to update (very frequently this should be the newest screening, or the one at the top of the list):

You can fill in as many or as few of the fields as you wish, and then click the (floppy disk icon) button at the right side of the screen.

Screening records can be repeatedly updated.

The BMI is calculated once the Height and Weight are filled in:

Adding a Note

To add a Note to a Screening, click the "Add Note" button at the left side of the Screening's record.  

This brings up a Note dialog:

Enter the text of the Note and click "Accept" - or click "Cancel" to abandon entering the Note.  

You will initially be prompted to save the entire Screening entry. 

Click the  (floppy disk) icon button to save your changes.   Once you have saved the Note, the label will indicate that there is now a Note:

Screening Notes and the A45

Notes from Screenings default to printing on the A45 (see Student Medical Notes screen for details).  

They can be excluded via controls found on the Student Data->Student->Medical->Notes screen, but not located here on the Student Data->Student->Medical->Screenings screen.

Deleting a Screening

Should you need to delete a screening that was created in error, navigate to the student's Student Data->Student->Medical->Screenings screen, locate the screening and click the delete trashcan icon on the far right side.

Printing Screenings on the A45

Screenings automatically print on the A45.  There are two ways they can be printed:

  • Each separately dated screening can appear in its own individual column on the A45:
  • Alternately, all screenings for a single school year can be combined into a single "School Year" column:

The way in which the screenings are printed on the A45 is controlled by the "On A45, combine all screenings for school year" parameter located on the Nurses->Setup->Maintenance screen.

When this is set to "Yes", then the screenings are combined by school year and the school year is entered in the "Date" field.  

When the parameter is set to "No", then each screening is located in its own discreet column and the precise date of the Screening appears in the "Date" field.

When combining multiple screenings into a single school year column on the A45, if there are multiple measurements found for a field, only the most recent measurement is printed.  

For example, if height and weight were measured both in the Fall and the Spring, only the Spring measurements will be printed, because they are more recent.


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